Meet Your Maker

You’re drawn to jewelry that is natural, honest, strong, soulful and beautiful - just like you! Inspired by art and the bohemian aesthetic, you consider your jewelry purchases carefully. You know it when you see it! You know when it’s YOU!

Communing with nature, music, dancing, seeking adventures, yoga and self-care, are essential to your soul’s happiness. Independent and open-minded, you’re a down-to-earth rebel who finds beauty and balance in imperfection. Your lifestyle is rooted firmly in kindness and compassion and you like giving back. You love big, wear your heart on both sleeves, and embrace that you are not like everyone else. For you, the jewelry you wear is a reflection of your most authentic and earnest self. The silver and stone becomes a part of your story. Of your heart.

I can absolutely relate - as a woman, a mama, a wife, a customer, and an artist.

I’m Jennifer, designer and owner of Forestlily Designs. Self-confessed turquoise and sterling silver addict. I’m a southern California native living in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest with my husband Cary, and my two children, Forest and Lily. My interest in jewelry began as a child when my Great-Grandmother would let me explore the contents of her jewelry boxes, blinging myself out from head-to-toe, and often transforming into characters to match my accessories. I was always a little disappointed when she’d tell me it was time to take everything off and put it away. I’ll never forget the first jewelry piece I owned - a precious, tiny 18k gold ring with a microscopic diamond chip she gave me when I was 9 years old. I felt fancy, glamorous, and special.

My love for jewelry design began when I attended my first Grateful Dead concert as a teenager. Deeply influenced and inspired by the fiercely beautiful make it your own artistry of the band’s community, I began making and selling jewelry as a means to attend shows. Self-taught, I fell head over heels in love with seed beads and Native American beading techniques and patterns, peyote-stitched crystals, sterling silver, and sparkling gemstones. After trips to both Arizona and Mexico where I discovered vintage turquoise and sterling silver jewelry made by the finest craftspeople in the world, it wasn’t long before I was dreaming of one day becoming a silversmith. I spent 17 years as a graphic designer before realizing that dream. I finally made the decision to take metal fabrication courses and devote myself to making jewelry full-time. I know how it feels to chase your life instead of living it, and I was done doing that. I will never regret the decision to take a chance on myself!

Hand forged jewelry is all I do now: from dreaming up and sketching designs, to cutting, hammering, polishing and stone setting. I love each stage of the fabrication process. I personally hand fabricate each of my pieces with great attention to detail with the intention of offering simple, undeniable beauty in the design and construction. I’m artistically inspired by my natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, music, love and family. I value kindness, integrity, and compassion, and those are the same values upon which my small business is based. I believe in providing above-and-beyond customer service, as well as timely, dependable, and friendly communication.

It will never be lost on me that there is an environmental cost to doing business. I’m passionate about sustainability and giving back. My gemstones are handpicked for quality, my sterling silver is 100% recycled and/or third-party-certified ethically mined, and I do not use animal products in my jewelry. I promise to always look for ways to be better. Beginning in January 2019, five percent of each sale will be donated to a featured charity that gives back to our beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants.

Check out Forestlily Designs on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for inspiration, shop updates, collection sneak peeks, work-in-progress shots, art fairs, giveaways, and bench musings! I’m grateful you’re here and I’d love to hear from you!